Matthias Brown better known by his tumblr handle Traceloops is a GIF artist that creates drawings over still and video images to create a variety of animations. One of his techniques works with still images and is fairly accessible to experiment with using a still image as a source of inspiration.

You’ll need to create a set of drawings atop of a portion of a still image and then animate the drawings. Here are a bunch of examples of Matthias’ work which use this technique: one, two, three, and four. I’ve created a tutorial which uses Photoshop if you’d like to try it out. I used a image taken of a student sculpture show on our campus as a resource. The tutorial was made for my students during a class, so there’s a lot of moments where I’m drawing that could be sped up! If you make something based on the tutorial and post it consider adding the tag traceloops so we can all see them.

And here’s the finished version with an added note about picking a proper brush: