1. Loop [ iOS ]


Dead-simple free app for iPhone or iPad, Loop has a clean, intuitive interface, onion skinning [ allows you to trace previous frames ], export as .gif to email, camera roll, & tumblr. Instant gratification – draw & make it move!

2. Animation Desk [ iOS ] [ Android ]

This $4.99 app for iPad or iPhone as well as Android supports old-school hand-drawn animation. Huge amount of tools, drawing in layers [ background, middle ground, foreground ] while you can do simple line-drawn things, this app supports reference photos and so much more, you’ll want to create larger projects with it.

3. GIFPaint [ web browser ]

It’s like MSPaint, but for .gifs. Check the tumblr gallery for results.

4. Draw Island [ web browser ]

A more fully-featured drawing interface, with this tool you can work in layers, create animations, and download your finished project to your computer. Choose different interfaces depending on what device you’re using. No social network functionality. Just go to the island and draw stuff!

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5. Animatic [ iOS ] [ Android ]

Another free iOS app, similar to Loop but offering more colors and a slightly different animation interface for drawing your .gif frame by frame. Also available for Android.